DMS Consulting

To devise for and with our Clients the Key Performance Indicators and the system of reference allowing accurate measurements through the consumer’s eye.

DMS Mystery Shopping Brand & Retail

The consumer’s eye in real-life interaction with staff pertaining to product or service inquiry and/or purchase.

DMS Mystery Phoning

The consumer’s ear in real-life interaction with staff pertaining to product or service inquiry.

DMS Mystery Webbing

Assessing feedback to a customer’s e-mail request pertaining to a company's or a brand's product or service sent via the corporation’s website.

DMS Debriefing

Promoting the value of the Customer Care program’s results to your teams or managers on site or by phone.

Making local management and sales teams aware of their strengths & concerns, and determining the performance improvement plan best suited to the situation.

DMS Compliance Audits

Assessing the compliance of points of sale with company or brand standards.

DMS Customer Satisfaction Barometer

Measuring the end-customer’s actual perception of how well a point of sale or product performs.

DMS People Flow Solutions

Collecting useful data using people flow indicators such as traffic volume, socio-professional group or other relevant data at a given time & place: notably for planning purposes in case of projected store openings.

DMS Incentive

DMS conceives and implements in-house incentive plans & competitions intended to your sales and customer care teams.

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